Mint Event Rentals



In consideration of the renting of the merchandise described by the undersigned therein after referred to as the “Client” from Mint Gulf Furniture Rental LLC hereinafter referred to as the “Mint” upon the terms and conditions and for the price herein specified it is agreed as follows:

  • PRICING: Rental prices are based on daily rental price. Rental prices vary from invoice to invoice and will be mentioned on every invoice
  • ORDER CONFIRMATION: Orders MUST be confirmed with a signature on the reservation to initiate preparation of the order. Orders will not be pulled or prepped until client’s signed reservation is received along with a signed copy of this rental agreement. Mint reserves the right to charge a rush fee for orders not confirmed within (5) days of the scheduled ship date. All doorways and access area must be measured by the Client to make sure the furniture/décor items will fit through them.
  • PAYMENT TERMS: Full Payment and Deposit must be received (10) days prior to the event. For orders placed within (10) days of scheduled event date, payment is due upon receipt of Invoice. Mint prefers payment by company cheque, but also accepts Cash. Clients paying by wire transfer must add any fees charged by their bank to the order total, as Mint will not assume responsibility for wire transfer fees.
  • DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT: Deposit required for Rental Property Value via credit card information held on file or separate company check to be held until rental is completed. Cheques held as a security deposit will be sent back to client within (14) days after rental property has been returned and all terms of the rental agreement have been met, including payment of any outstanding balance.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Orders may be cancelled up to (10) days prior to ship date with no penalty. Cancellations within (7) to (10) days of the scheduled ship date will incur a 15% restocking fee. Cancellations made within (7) days of the scheduled ship date will incur a minimum 15% restocking fee. Cancellation fee shall not exceed 50% of the order total, determined by the extent of labor already applied to the cancelled order and at the sole discretion of Mint. There will be no refunds given for cancellations received on or after ship date.
  • INSPECTION: Client is responsible for inspecting furniture immediately upon taking possession, including instances where a client has subcontracted an outside carrier to manage pickup and delivery. Client or their agent is to report any discrepancies immediately to the Mint sales staff. Mint will make best possible effort to remedy the situation as soon as discrepancies are reported. However, Mint shall not be liable to lessee for any loss, damage or liability resulting from the use of its rental property or from the condition of said property. Client must sign the delivery note when items are delivered to confirm that goods have been delivered in perfect condition and client must also sign the remark note generated by Mint staff at the time of pick up to confirm that items have been damaged at their event and they take full responsibility towards the damage.
  • PACKING MATERIALS: Client is responsible for return of all slipcovers, blankets, dollies and pallets marked with Mint logo, or replacement charge will be billed on final invoice.
  • DAMAGE & LOSS: Client is responsible for returning rental property in clean, working condition. Should any damage or loss occur during the course of this rental, either in the possession of the client or their contracted shipping or labor agent, Mint shall generate a remark note with damage details on client and hold the client accountable for associated repairs or replacements. Mint will prepare a Final Invoice once the rental order has been returned and any damages and/or losses have been assessed. The Final Invoice is due (10) business days from the date it is prepared and transmitted to client. Unless alternate payment arrangements are made, Mint reserves the right to apply client’s security deposit toward the payment of any outstanding balance that remains after the invoice due date has passed.
  • INDEMNITY: Client shall indemnify Mint against all claims (including attorney’s fees) and judgments arising directly or indirectly from Mint services or the rental of Mint property.
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